The Horse Adoption Process:

Upon receipt of this adoption survey, we will review the information and begin the reference verification process; including a site visit, to determine the suitability of the adoption.

All our horses are current on dental care, worming, vaccinations, hoof care. Some may have recent blood work completed. Because of the cost to rehabilitate animals from abuse and neglect, we must charge an adoption fee to help sustain HSSF’s cruelty prevention program. PLEASE NOTE: None of our horses are free or discounted.

Our goal is to find lifelong, committed adopters for our horses by matching the right animal to the adopter’s intended use of the horse, i.e., riding discipline or pasture pal. The questions on this survey enable us to reach our goal and help you to adopt the horse that’s right for you.

Basic Requirements for Horses:

1. Property: Property must be zoned for horses and in compliance with any zoning restrictions relative to keeping animals. If you intend to board the horse at a commercial facility, or if you intend to rent property, HSSF will need a copy of the written agreement between you and the facility or property owner prior to transfer of the horse. All adoptions require a site visit by a representative of HSSF, to wherever the horse will be kept prior to transferring the horse.

2. Horses: Due to the nature of horses, in order to adopt a horse from HSSF, the adopter must have some experience working with horses. Horses under the age of 4 years may only be adopted by an experienced horse person/rider.

3. Fencing: Fencing needs to be of solid construction, which can be made of wood, no-climb wire, or other equine type fence material. The fencing needs to be without sharp edges and visible to equines. Electric wire or tape fencing may be used, but must be visibly marked for horses (via brightly colored hanging streamers or ties). Barbed wire and high tensile wire fencing is inappropriate for the keeping of a horse.

4. Shelter: Horse property must have adequate shelter from rain, snow (if applicable), and heat. Shelters need to be constructed to provide sufficient space for each equine to comfortably stand up, turn around and lie down. The minimum ceiling height must be 1 foot above the horse’s head when held at its highest level. Confined horses must have access to an exercise area.

Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills
Equine Adoption Survey
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I understand that before any adoption can take place, a representative from HSSF will need to verify my references and complete a site visit to the facility where the horse will be living. I give HSSF permission to complete the adoption process and verify my references.

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