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Help Us Stop the Mistreatment of 30 Horses!
Rescue project timeline:
November 18, 2014











UPDATE: November 6, 2014
Funded: $2,650 (plus an offer of hay)
39 Donors
Time Remaining: 13 days
Total Amount Needed: $20,000

What a phenomenal response to our plea for help to rescue 30 horses from their current predicament! We're optimistic that we're going to meet our goal by November 18th. We will keep you posted here.

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Ay amount will help. To DONATE, see below. Stay tuned to this page for further updates about this rescue project. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS.

We're in a race against time if we're going to help 30 Thoroughbred horses by November 18th.

First, we need your help - we're asking you for a small contribution - anything you are comfortable making will be appreciated.

Contribute through...

Second, we're hoping you'll share your social networking skills to help us crowd fundraise to reach our goal of $20,000. We need you to act now!! Thanks for partnering with us by Tweeting the link below, forwarding it, sharing it and posting it on your Facebook page.

Their story:
Over the past year and a half, after rescuing two high-maintenance Thoroughbred horses, our investigating humane officer uncovered an illegal business practice where the owner of 30 such race horses, contracts with unsuspecting horse boarding facilities or private individuals to care for several or all of these horses.

Shortly after moving the animals to the caretakers' properties, the horse owner stops paying for their care. In an effort to rectify this situation, these preyed-upon individuals are forced to file lawsuits to legally have the horses removed. Of course, the horse owner files a counter suit and the battle is on. These horses have also served as foundation stock in the owner's horse breeding program.

To further frustrate the caregivers, the horse owner files for bankruptcy, stalling the legal process and the removal of the horses. Oh, did we mention that the horse owner files these lawsuits in pro per? Meaning, they represent themselves in court actions so they don't incur any legal fees, but the caregivers have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Many times the horses are neglected because the caregiver then is financially unable to continue paying for their feed, hoof care and other routine or emergency medical expenses, not to mention the enormous personal financial impact of incurring legal expenses.

Our ever-vigilant humane officer found fifty-five lawsuits filed by this horse owner throughout California and we caught up with him in bankruptcy court. Earlier this year, HSSF gave the court trustee a nearly 2' stack of documentation from every court case available. For several reasons, the court converted the voluntary Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 and took control of the 30 horses.

HSSF now has an opportunity to purchase the horses from the bankruptcy trustee.

Let's put an end to this!
So that these horses will never have to endure what they have gone through thus far, HSSF had to offer $20,000 to purchase the horses from the bankruptcy trustee.

You've often heard us say we'll never turn our back on animals in need. One of the reasons we're able to say that is because we're confident that we have the strength behind us of generous and compassionate people like you. It goes without saying that $20,000 for an agency the size of HSSF is, quite frankly, a large sum of money, but we know by doing this together, we will put a stop to the on-going abuse these horses have suffered.

Please, if you were considering making a donation towards our animal protection program, we're hoping you will make that contribution now. Your donation of $5, $10, $20, or any amount, will help us protect these horses who are caught up in the owner's misuse of our legal system.

To show our gratitude, we've added these incentives:

$75 - A HSSF logo shopping bag and bookmark.
$150 - The above, plus a HSSF logo hat.
$500 - The above, plus a generous gift certificate to our Auburn bookstore.
$1,500 - The above, plus a day on pasture feeding and grooming some of the horses.
$5,000 - The above, plus ride-along with our Humane Officer!!


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