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If you believe any animal is not receiving proper care or is being abused, contact HSSF Investigations, (916) 765-2938 or use this online Animal Cruelty Complaint Form.

Guidelines for reporting abuse:

Please provide as many details as possible in the form below in order for our Humane Officers to have the most accurate information. This will also help us determine the urgency of a situation.

Please note: HSSF does not disclose complainant information.

Animal Cruelty Complaint Form

HSSF investigates allegations of animal abuse and neglect. If you believe you’ve witnessed a crime involving an animal(s), provide the following information as completely as possible to initiate an investigation. Photos are great but not essential. If you have photos, you will have the ability to upload them at the bottom of this form. It is against the law to knowingly file a false crime report (Penal Code 148.5(c))

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