A Lot of Sheep and Goats

Sheep and goats at Grace Foundation


The Grace Foundation was a huge help to us in the Fall of 2011 when they offered a large pasture where we could keep close to 67 goats and sheep obtained after the Loomis raid and the Penryn sanctuary closing. Early Spring 2012, Grace called us because they needed the space and there were a few of the harder to place goats and sheep left which had not been adopted.

So in getting ready to take them back, we hired Joe M. to transport them for us. When we met at the pasture, he showed a lot of personal interest in them. He mentioned he had property and a couple of guardian dogs and a barn — he just needed some sheep and goats!

He first offered to take a few in one pasture, then when Grace Foundation said hey we have these other ones, are you interested in them? Joe’s eyes just lit up — he was so thrilled they were friendly. He told his Jack Russel Terrier that he had new friends, and loaded up the lot of them bound for his place! When we made a follow-up call to Joe, he reported that they were all doing great in his pasture and making a serious dent in the available grass.