7 Chihuahua pups

Cassie Reeves from AAARF (Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation) telephoned us at about 11:00 AM early in February as she had received a call from a woman who was inundated with chihuahuas and needed some help to get her numbers down to something she could manage. Cassie asked Rosemary if she would go out with her to take a look at the property and see if everything was sanitary and in good condition for animals to be living in. So they met at noon at the property and first set about making an assessment. They found that the property was clean and for the number of dogs living there, it was in relatively good condition.

AAARF wanted to take all of the chihuahuas that were not spayed and neutered, so Rosemary and Cassie then loaded up 23 of the dogs, including several litters of puppies and took them to AAARF. In the event that AAARF would not have enough foster homes and room at the shelter for all of the pups, they called Mike Winters at Animal Control who said they would be able to take some of them if needed. They then went back into the property and verified that the eight dogs remaining were spayed and neutered.

It turned out that AAARF did in fact have enough foster volunteers to take in these dogs, so confident that they were in good hands, Rosemary called Animal Control and thanked them for their assistance. AAARF had all of the chis spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and within two months had found homes for all of them.