My Rescue Story, by Wookie



Wookie, not so happy

“I’m one of the lucky ones. I was saved from a life of misery in an illegal puppy mill when HSSF Humane Officers rescued over 50 of us a few months ago.

“We were kept in a dilapidated “barn” with no natural light and a stench so strong it made us feel sick and irritated our eyes. We were meant to live forever in wire cages that hurt our feet, or crates. Our puppy mill females were bred to bear as many puppies as possible for the perpetrators to profit by selling our puppies under false pretenses.

Wookie, happy after his grooming

“After we were rescued, we (I and the other RPM’s – Recovering Puppy Millers) were all medically examined by HSSF veterinarians and treated for a wide assortment of ailments associated with puppy mill operations where making money is most important. Then the best thing happened – we were placed in actual homes to be trained, socialized, and to learn what life in a loving home can be.

“Here’s hoping my other RPM buddies and I get our forever homes soon!”

by Wookie