Pee Wee better

Pee Wee, after just a few weeks of good food. Lookin’ good Pee Wee!

UPDATE – Pee Wee Goes Home!!

Truly amazing… that’s what you are. After our newsletter telling you of Pee Wee’s plight, we received oodles of messages wishing him good health and a speedy recovery. Those who couldn’t give him a home, reached into their pockets and made a donation to help with the costs of his medical care.

But the very best gift of all, was the offer from a wonderful horse owner to provide Pee Wee with a forever home. Yep, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by truly amazing folks. Thank you for reaching out to help us and a special thanks from Pee Wee.

Meanwhile, he’s is making a remarkable recovery, gaining weight with each passing day.

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Pee Wee, just skin and bones

Pee Wee – just skin and bones.

In this season of giving and good cheer, we’re reaching out to our friends nearby to ask you to consider giving a home to a very special horse. Pee Wee is a grey dappled gelding about 24 years old. He is 16.2hh and currently weighs about 888 pounds – he should weigh around 1,100 pounds. We’re sure Pee Wee was once someone’s noble mount whose only fault that couldn’t be overcome, was getting old.

The good news is our veterinarian is confident that with proper nutrition, hoof care and dental work, Pee Wee will once again radiate good health. But just to confirm his exam, we’re waiting for the results of blood work.

HSSF will pay the costs to rehabilitate Pee Wee IF we have a forever home for him. That’s right, we will be with you every step of Pee Wee’s journey until he makes a full recovery. There are few better satisfactions in this world than helping an animal in miserable condition such as Pee Wee, recover from the horrible neglect he has endured.

Please contact us if you are able to give Pee Wee a new home; if unable, please share this message with your circle of friends. Together, we will find him a special place.