Sheila and Petunia



Three pigs were relinquished to us when a sanctuary closed in 2011. One was adopted and went to the coast and there were two left – Sheila and Petunia. Honey Cowan at Sea Horse Ranch said that she would give them a home. She already had a little potbellied pig named CiCi and wanted some companions for her. Honey was very bonded with CiCi – she had a little dog house with a heating blanket in there and she would cover CiCi up at night & keep her warm. Well CiCi was just a tiny potbelly pig who was fed normal amounts of potbelly pig food unlike our huge ones who were had been fed humungous amounts of potbelly pig food before we got them.

Sheila and Petunia exploring their new surroundings.
Sheila and Petunia exploring
their new surroundings.

The day we transported them was challenging to say the least! The girls would be going to the vet before arriving at Sea Horse Ranch — Sheila’s tusks needed trimming and they both were to have their toenails done. So Curt Ransom and Rosemary built a ramp onto the truck and the two of them had the one 150-175 pound pig in a dog crate, just inching it up the ramp to get it into the truck. Finally they got one in but couldn’t fit the other crate into the truck, so they drove one pig over to the vet while they went back and got the next one loaded up.

When the first pig was done with her “Mani-Pedi”, Rosemary and Curt drove her over to Sea Horse. Honey had 4 workers ready to help and they all inched the pig back out of the trucks. They put her in with CiCi, then off they went to pick up the other pig. As they were all trying to get this huge pig out of the truck, Honey fell down and it was an amazing thing — she hit the ground and bounced up and we all said “are you OK?” and Honey said “˜Oh, I’m fine” and she just brushed herself off and got back to work!

Sheila and Petunia getting some nom-noms.
Petunia (left) and Sheila getting some nom-noms

In the mean time, Petunia had kicked CiCi out of her house and got in there under the heating lamp. Poor CiCi was just standing out there looking very lost and Honey said “This won’t do, Oh no, this won’t do”; So we blocked off the two new pigs into a different area and Honey was happy that CiCi could have her house back. Within a few days, Honey had a house built for the other two – and they have matching dinnerware and everything.