The Loomis Raid

Loomis dogs, living in filthy conditions.


Crystal, happy and healthy after rescue

The Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills seized 19 sheep, 46 goats, 14 dogs, 5 pigs and a Cockatiel from a property in Loomis on July 12, 2011. The animals were in horrible living conditions – penned up in close quarters, forced to live in their own feces, with little ventilation, no water and putrid food to eat.

The investigation began after a tip from a Craigslist observer who became suspicious after noticing that dogs were continually being offered for sale from the same people over a two year period. When this person met the animal seller with the intent to purchase a dog, it was obvious to them that the animal was sick, so the person called HSSF.

One of our investigators then made arrangements with the animal seller to meet on their property and witnessed first hand the inhumane living conditions. We immediately seized all the animals which were being abused. We had a post seizure hearing and the officer said the seizure was justified and that prosecution of the animal owners would be initiated.

Pig on a Loomis property

Our vet even said: “It was really nice to get them out.”