Volunteer BannerSo many animals benefit from one person selflessly giving their time. There is so much need with the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills the duties change when the need changes.

We welcome anyone (18 and older) who is interested in making a difference and would like to volunteer their time. We just need to collect a little information about you and how you’re willing to help so please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our volunteer staff.

Volunteer Survey



  • This document sets forth the responsibilities and understandings of the volunteer and of the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills (HSSF) regarding volunteer's participation in volunteer programs partially or wholly coordinated by HSSF.

    The volunteer and HSSF agree as follows:

    1. The volunteer performs the service of the volunteer's own free will, without promise, expectation, or receipt of remuneration. The volunteer is not an employee or agent of HSSF for any purpose and the volunteer's services are not controlled nor mandated by HSSF.

    2. If the volunteer is under the age of 18, the volunteer may only participate in volunteer service with the express written consent of the volunteer's parent or guardian by filling out and signing that portion of this document. At this time, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

    3. The volunteer understands and agrees that it is possible that the volunteer may be injured or otherwise harmed during volunteer service due to accidents, acts of nature, the volunteer's negligent or intentional acts, or the negligent or intentional acts of others. HSSF has no control over most risks, and, thus, cannot and does not guarantee nor take any responsibility for the safety of the volunteer or the volunteer's property while the volunteer is engaged in volunteer service; and that the volunteer must take full responsibility for himself or herself and assume the risk of harm or damage while serving by taking all necessary and reasonable precautions and acting in a manner that will help protect himself or herself and his or her property.

    4. The volunteer agrees to release and hold harmless HSSF from any and all potential claims for injury, illness, damage, or death which the volunteer may have against HSSF or against any third party who may be involved in causing or contributing to the harm allegedly sustained by the volunteer while participating as a volunteer.

    5. The volunteer agrees and understands that injuries or losses to others, including other volunteers, may occur as a result of the volunteer's negligent or intentional acts during volunteer service, and that to avoid such harm, the volunteer must exercise care and act responsibly in serving others.

    6. If any injury or loss to another does occur due to the volunteer's intentional or negligent actions, the volunteer agrees to fully accept the liability for and repair, or make reparations for, the harm done and agrees to bear the financial burden of such harm, damage or injury.

    7. The volunteer acknowledges that HSSF is not providing the volunteer with insurance coverage for any injuries, conditions, or losses arising out of or in any way relating to the volunteer activities, with the sole exception being that HSSF provides liability insurance coverage on all HSSF vehicles used during service projects.

    8. The volunteer must maintain his or her own primary medical insurance and the volunteer's own automobile liability insurance when driving a non-HSSF vehicle to cover potential medical and other costs related to the volunteer service; and the volunteer is also encourages to maintain property and life insurance coverage while serving as a volunteer. Failure to obtain or maintain likability or medical insurance is the sole responsibility o the volunteer and HSSF bears no responsibility for determining whether a volunteer has appropriate insurance or what said insurance may or may not cover.

    9. All costs for injury or loss above the coverage provided by the volunteer's insurance are the volunteer's personal responsibility.

    10. In projects where the volunteer will be transporting others in a non-HSSF owned vehicle, the volunteer is required to provide proof of automobile insurance in order to participate.

    11. Since volunteers are not FRIENDS/HSSF employees or agents, HSSF does not provide worker's compensation for volunteers and by signing below, said volunteer acknowledges that he/she is aware of the lack of worker's compensation coverage and agrees to participate at the volunteer's own risk in activities carried out by or on behalf of HSSF.

    By choosing YES below, I confirm that I have read, understand, and consent to the terms of this waiver agreement.



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